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2011 +

The company was established in

500 +

output worth 500 million

400 +

400 staff

130000 +

130,000 square kilometers


Latest news

The maintenance technician advised us to pay attention to the red and yellow spots on the tires!

The red dot on the tire is solid, and the yellow dot is hollow. As everyone said, the tire cannot achieve absolute balance in the manufacturing process.

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Classification and use of solid tyres?

Wholesale solid tires in Shanghai are generally divided into bonded and non bonded solid tires. The former refers to tires whose rubber is directly vulcanized on the rim, and the latter refers to tires that are vulcanized and then fixed on the rim.

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The tire industry faces a new round of reshuffle

Since late May, based on the expectation that the imbalance between supply and demand is expected to improve, Shanghai Rubber has been jogging all the way and rising.

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